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duncans cove engagement
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My name is Erin.

Born in Halifax, NS, Canada.


older sister. auntie. daughter. friend.


I have been obsessed with photographs as far back as I can remember.


Some of my earliest + fondest memories in life are of sitting on the living room floor of my childhood home, flipping through our family photo albums. I would pour over them for hours. The people I loved most + family I never got the chance to meet, all captured in a moment in time. It was a portal to my memories, a path down which I never tired of returning.


I want to give you that same magic feeling. I want that even more for those that come after you. This is your life. In all its simplicity + complexity. Celebrate that. Hold on to it forever.

my philosophy 

No two couples are ever the same. I refuse to approach any session in a robotic way. It is not who I am. It never will be.

One thing is for sure, I promise to actually see you. For who you are in the present + for all the beautiful mess that led your two souls to meet.

I will care about your memories as

fiercely as if you were my own.

Because for today, we are family.

When you look back on your pictures decades from now, I want you to be hit in the face with a rush of emotion. To instantly be transported back in time and feel everything again.

Hear his laughter.


Smell her perfume.

Taste the nerves in your first kiss. 


Feel the warmth in their arms.

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