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Nova Scotia Seaside Wedding: 15 Minutes for Sunset Photos

Even the most well thought out and researched wedding day timeline can be thrown off course. As a matter of fact, I am not sure I have ever been to a single wedding that has remained fully on track. It's an unavoidable reality of planning a full day wedding with so many moving parts. Luckily, we're almost always able to steer the ship back on course. But there are always those times, when despite everyone's best intentions, the timeline goes out the window and suddenly you are faced with mere minutes left to capture those juicy sunset photos that you've always been dreaming of. Such was the case when we arrived to the beach for Kristen + Mike's Nova Scotia sunset wedding photos.

The air was chilly on this September evening, so I had the two lovebirds wait in the car while I went out into the tall grass just beyond the parking lot to explore where I wanted to position them. Then I flicked on my bluetooth speaker, threw on some mood setting tunes and called for them to come join me on the beach. When you are faced with a time crunch, it can either make you freeze in panic or do the opposite and inspire you to just go with it in the moment. I of course always favour the latter and do my best to create an atmosphere in which my couples can relax and live in the moment. It's my job to keep an eye on my watch, not theirs. When you foster an environment where everyone feels like they can breathe... well that's where the magic lives. In the end would it be nice to have more time? Hell yes. But, I think you'll quickly see that anything is possible when you just let time unfold and capture it as you go...

Bride and groom nova scotia beach
Bride lays down in tall grass with flower crown
Bride with colourful homemade flower crown
Bride and groom sunset beach with bright florals
Sunset wedding on Nova Scotian beach
Bridal flower crown inspiration
Edgy bridal makeup
wedding dress and barefoot in the sand
pink and blue sunset with bride and groom
cotton candy skies on the ocean with couple
bride groom kissing on the beach
bride and groom standing in the ocean waves
sheer wedding dress

Shout out to the following humans who came together to make this vision come to life:

Make Up Artist: Janine Gerrits - Halifax, NS

Hair Stylist: Stephanie Warren - Halifax, NS

Florist: Hilary from Fill Yer Boots Farm - Centre Burlington, NS

Bride: Kristen Herrington (Artist) - Stillwater Lake, NS

Groom: Michael S Ryan (The Town Heroes) - Stillwater Lake, NS

Click here to see the full gallery and more of my work:

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